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Found this on the architect's website.

Located at the NW corner of Liberty & Elizabeth, it says it was "designed to pave the way for new, improved affordable housing in Durham" but I'm getting the vibe that these are market-rate rather than Capital A affordable housing. 200 units with "tenant space" on the ground floor, which I assume is building amenities rather than retail? Claims to have the first "built-in" bus stop in the Triangle, in that the building itself will create the bus shelter.

This image is really interesting. You can see the affordable housing across the street fully built-out... it's striking how much space is used for surface parking. If it's modeled accurately, those drive aisles are insanely wide... They could've made the parking layout more efficient and created some green space in the remainder, or drastically increased the number of units on that lot. As you move to the right of the image, I'd take the accuracy with a massive grain of salt... unclear whether those are actual building designs or placeholders. The long gray and green building at the top right corner is the currently under construction Maizon on E Main, which looks nothing like how it is is shown in this view.