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Duke Street Explosion Site

Hi all,
Just thought this tidbit might be of interest about the potential of the site where Kaffeinate, etc. used to be, hadn't seen any mention of it here:

"The purchase includes a building on Duke Street that was heavily damaged in the blast and has been razed.

“With the parking lot next door, and where the building was, there’s now about an acre and a half of property that can be developed there,” Linderman said. “The vacant property has a lot more potential because you can build more income-producing property. You don’t have to stay one story tall. You can go vertical. You can build a tower there.”

Apparently it's zoned for up to 12 stories. The full story is here about an investment firm that bought Brightleaf Square properties including the gas explosion sites: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article238587903.html